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Studio Policies and Procedures

San Diego Danceworks Studio Policies


1. Tuition is calculated on the entire dance year (September-June) and is the same each month, including those shortened by Danceworks holidays/closures or student absences. There are no refunds for tuition, costume fees or performance fees.
2. As a courtesy to our students, classes missed can be made up. Students may make up classes by coming to the same class that meets on another day or by exploring a different style of dance.
Family members may also use a make-up to try a class. Students must be enrolled to make up a class. Make-up classes must be taken within 30 days of the missed class. Please consult with the office to schedule your make-up classes.
3. If you wish to drop enrollment from a dance class, please submit a drop request
in writing 30 days prior to dropping the class. Administrative email:
4. All accounts will be set up for auto-pay in the Jack Rabbit portal. Tuition is posted to the Jack Rabbit family account on the 1st of each month. Auto-pay occurs on the 5th of the month. You are welcome to go into your Jack Rabbit portal and make tuition payments prior to the 5th of the month. For accounting purposes, Jack Rabbit is our preferred method of payment. If paying by cash or check, please put the exact amount in an envelope, with the name of the student and what the payment is for.
5. A $15.00 late fee will be assessed if tuition is not paid on or before the 5th.

1. The first class at San Diego Danceworks is complimentary. New student’s fees
will be pro-rated for the first month of classes.
2. Registration and enrollment continues throughout the year. After May 1st, class
availability is limited due to preparations for our annual recital. New students
pay their $30.00 annual registration fee when enrolling in classes. (Annual
registration fees paid in May, June, and July will not be due again until August
of the next year.) The $30 annual registration fee for returning students is due
by September 5th of every year and will be auto-debited with your tuition.

Recital Fees
1. San Diego Danceworks produces two performances a year; in Winter and in Summer.

There is a $50 Nutcracker Recital Fee (Winter) that will be auto debited from your account with Tuition on October 5th. 2 Tickets for the show ill be included in the $50 fee. Nutcracker Costume Fees will be added to your Jack Rabbit portal by November 1st, and auto debited with tuition on November 5th. Costume fees range in price from $45.00-$75.00.

Summer Recital Fee of $50 will be added to your Jack Rabbit portal by January 1st, and auto debited with tuition on January 5th. 2 tickets for the show will be included in the $50 fee. Summer Recital Costume Fees will be added to your Jack Rabbit portal by February 1st, and auto debited with tuition on February 5th. Costume fees range in price from $45.00-$75.00

 2.Dancers participating in the Summer Recital and the San Diego County Fair are committed to staying enrolled and responsible for monthly tuition March thru June.

3. Once costumes are ordered there are no refunds.


Studio Behavior
No Food or Drink in the studio. Water bottles only. No Gum Chewing.
1. To create an atmosphere conducive to learning, teachers require focus and respect from students. Students are expected to refrain from talking that is not related to the teacher’s lesson plan, and to mute cell phones and leave them in their bags during class time. San Diego Danceworks faculty is dedicated to creating the best learning environment possible for all of our students. All
students must respect the structure and teaching style of all instructors.
2. Please arrive to class, in proper dance attire, 5 minutes before class start time. Entering class after it has begun is disruptive to the teacher and other students, so if your child is tardy, please advise him/her to enter class quickly and quietly.
3. Danceworks is an eco-friendly small business. We value recycling. Please make
sure you properly dispose of recyclable items when in the studio.

Dress Code
1. Boys: comfortable sportswear with appropriate shoes for all dance styles.
2. Ballet/Creative: pink ballet slippers; leotards, leotards with skirts, biketards; tights or skirts are optional; no color requirements; hair pulled back off the face.
3. Intro to Dance and Tap/Ballet Attire: black tap shoes; pink ballet slippers; leotards, leotards with skirts or biketards; tights optional; no color requirements.
4. Tap/Jazz attire: black tap shoes; black jazz shoes; tight fitting jazz pants or tight fitting leggings; tights with knit/tight fitting shorts; tank top or leotard; hair up tight and off the face.
5. Ballet Attire: pink ballet slippers, pointe shoes; tights with a leotard or tight fitting tank top that fully covers the body (any color); ballet skirt or knit/tight fitting shorts; warm-ups (for example leg warmers, sweaters/wraps can be worn at the beginning of class), no baggy clothes such as sweatshirts or sweat pants; hair in a bun and bangs tied back out of the face.
6. Adults ballet attire: ballet slippers; tight fitting clothes such as yoga or jazz pants are recommended.
7. Gymnastics/Acrobatics: tight fitting clothing; tights are not required. If tights are
worn, footless tights are recommended to prevent dancers from slipping when
participating in gymnastics skills. Hair up tight and off the face.
8. Modern/Contemporary Attire: barefoot or dance paws; tights or tight fitting
leggings with a leotard or tight fitting tank top that fully covers the body (any
color, unless color is specified by the instructor); knit/tight fitting shorts; hair up
tight and off the face.
9. Hip Hop Attire: loose fitting street clothes; sneakers are mandatory.
10. Jazz Attire: jazz shoes (consult teacher on style and color); jazz pants or tight
fitting leggings; tights with knit/tight fitting shorts; tank top or leotard; hair up
tight and off the face.
11. Tap Attire: tap shoes (consult teacher on the style and color), socks are
recommended for comfort; comfortable athletic wear. 12. San Diego Danceworks has a tap shoe exchange program. Exchange your used tap
shoes for another used pair, or you may buy a used pair for $7.

Personal Belongings
1. Please bring all personal items, in a sealable bag. Loose items are liable to get
lost, or picked up by another student.
2. Please label all personal items with child’s name in permanent ink.
3. We will donate unclaimed/unlabeled items at the end of each month. Please do
not bring valuable items to the studio.